*2018 Wedding Dress Collection*


​Our Bridal Studio is located in Moshav Bait Shearim, next to Ramat Yishay,

Moshav Bait Shearim is located in Emek Yizrael between agricultural views, not far from Yoqneam, Afula and Kiryat Tivon.


We will be glad to meet you in the magical views of the Valley, here in the north district of israel.


See you soon.


Yael Pick

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יעל פיק מעצבת בית האופנה Henika, מתמחה בעיצוב שמלות כלה ייחודיות, שמלות ערב ובייבוא אישי של פריטי בוטיק מיוחדים​.

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Israeli elite wedding dress sewing by The talented fashion designer Yael Pick ​who specify in wedding and Evening dresses design.

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