Bridal reviews 


I highly recommend of HENIKA fashion house!!! Amazing staff and crazyyyy amazing dresses


I highly recommend of HENIKA fashion house!!! Amazing staff

and crazyyyyy special dresses. Yaeli is Amazing and very talented girl and Whoever win to design a dress in her fashion boutique will get an experience that is more then a dress… Patience, professional, talented and has constant smile that makes the whole process special and pleasant experience. In HENIKA you always feel you are the only bride in the world! You will get attention, smile whatever your request will be- all in 100% patience and Relaxation. Yael is professional, she does not compromise or gives up. Every stone, lace or piece of fabric is in the right place, right dose and in the highest quality there is! You have to get to Henika and see for yourself: every design that is there is hand-made masterpiece that made with a lot of attention even up to the small details!      I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you very much!

To Henika I came via a friend that grew up in Ramat Yishay looking for a delicate and special wedding dress in a decent price. From my first fitting it was clear to me that I found my wedding dress-Yael and Hedva know my personal taste and how to connect it, they present to me a stunning dresses that were special and delicate, always with a smile and warm personal touch, they are very professional and caring. The drive from the center district to Yael and Hedva studio was worth every minute!! I choose two beautiful and special dresses that got nonstop compliments in the event and after it.  My mother also found a beautiful and delicate dress that got a lot of compliments. My experience in Henika studio was amazing- and I highly recommend every bride (even if she is not from the north area) to come here and find a dress in a decent price and in a family, warm and professional environment. I want to say thank you to Irena for the caring and her professional touch. Thank you all so much!!

Ana Mosi

Fun fun fun!

I came to Henika by accident via Facebook. Yael is amazing and she welcome me in an open arms, she was very patient and listen to every word I say, she fit the dress to my body and to the style I wanted. I was at her studio more than an hour, I changed a lot of dresses and I didn’t felt how the time flies. I enjoyed every minute in the studio, the fitting was easy, Irena is amazing (!!). And every time I came back I felt more and more confident with my choice.  I highly recommend :)


I highly recommend!

I highly recommend!!!

Where to begin?? :) I came to Yael by accident after searching for a Wedding dresses in the north area. I came for a fitting After I saw a design that I really liked. At the same day I came to Henika I had another meeting in a different studio in the north, which I cancel when I was at Yael because from the first moment I had no doubt that i am taking a dress just from her! Dear girls, you can feel safe that at Henika you will find the perfect combination of what is the most important to you in picking a dress:  amazing designs, amazing service of Yael and the staff, Irena is an amazing seamstress and very professional. She is Honest and has very professional opinion about what fit or not, big smile and calm in every fitting… that is just blessed place with amazing energy!  From the first minute you will step into the studio, I promise you, you will know that it is a very talented designer with a huge heart and a staff that really get excited with the bride every single time!  At the day of the event the dress was very comfortable (I was wearing a corset and a skirt), I am still getting compliments about my special dress… the dress was beyond what I fantasize and it is all thanks to Yael and Irena!!! Yaeli, thank you. You are the best!!!!!


Wow, Yael and the HENIKA staff are the best!

From the first moment I came to Henika the service was in a high level, each and every dress was amazing and they are in a high quality, the boutique is very calm and soothing- and that is highly important when you choose a wedding dress… I got a lot of compliments in my wedding day, mostly about my amazing dress, I highly recommend to come to Henika and select an amazing dress from an amazing place, a place with excellent service :)   

Yara Tiroche

Amazing Yael!

From the first moment i know that Yaeli will design my dress, just before she open the studio I said to her "you will design my wedding dress"!!!   When the moment has arrived i told to my mother that I know who will design my dress, so we went for a fitting…  And right from the first dress i measured i know it is the right one even though Yael insist that I will measure more dresses just to make sure that I am feeling ok with it so I measured lot of designs… So, i want to say that Yaeli is amazing and i am wishing every bride a designer like her and an amazing staff like she has. This is an opportunity to say thank you to Irena and Mytal that escort me in this process. I highly recommend to everyone to come, see and impress because it isn't something you see every day.     


Me and my dress!

After a few visits in bridal salon in the north area I understand that it is not for me.  To HENIKA i came after a long search in the internet all most by accident, after a visit in the home page of the HENIKA fashion house. It's cause me to enthusiast from the elegant, noble and fashion style of the dresses. Right after i enter the door i know i am in a Good hands. Yael and the girls was very professional, they gave me personal touch and security feeling in the high standard there is.  there is n-o thinks like that in our area!!! I like the most that Yael matched the dress to my character, she was attentive to my wishes and mostly know how to make me feel the most special there is and the result was perfect!!! I could not wish to look better then I looked in my wedding day and I am highly recommending to all newly engaged to runnnn to her studio.   

Dorit and pini

Stunning place with personal touch, amazing and warm.

HENIKA was the first place that I went to look for a dress, I had some concerns and I did not know how the process goes or how much time it will take me to find my "Expectation" dress (i am a little picky). From the first moment Yael welcome me with a warm touch, a lot of patience and a very open attitude. Her dresses is amazing and very special. It is been an experience that open for my the wedding search journey in the best way there is. Thank you very much Hedva & Yael! (Dorit Spoliansky).