*Wedding Collection 2016-Bohemian Romance*
Blank page, pen and a lot of passion to create. that is how I started my new collection few months ago. Every day i sat down and amuse myself with new ideas- where this time i will take my dresses? Which fabrics and materials i combine together?  So, after a lot of working and deep thinking - my new collection was born!  The new collection characterized in Fluffiness, lightness, romantic lines. This collection based on fabrics and exclusive materials combination-French and Spanish bead laces, sets pearls and stones handicraft, dis and re-assembly laces handicraft. Length & Transparent games, innovate figures with ethnic touching.


*Classic Princess collection 2016*
Next to the Bohemian line, in the collection there is beautiful classic princess figures rich with Expensive and ditalim Fabrics-dis and re-assembly laces, pearls and stones handicraft, Transparent games, lengths, tulle fabrics combinations, Flower decoration and many more.
There is no doubt that the collection is Elegance, Prestige, Gentle and every dress will leave a mark that people will talk about it even after the wedding.

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יעל פיק מעצבת בית האופנה Henika, מתמחה בעיצוב שמלות כלה ייחודיות, שמלות ערב ובייבוא אישי של פריטי בוטיק מיוחדים​.

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Israeli elite wedding dress sewing by The talented fashion designer Yael Pick ​who specify in wedding and Evening dresses design.

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