Yael Pick Fashion Designer

Henika fashion house invite all fashion lovers to enter it’s shop.

Hedva and Yael, mother and daughter presents Wedding & Evening dresses next to European fashion brands. Hedva, interior designer & fashionista, granted to her daughter the magic that is in fashion from en early age when they often travel together in the Fashion Capitals of the World. In the meantime, Yael grow up and after she graduated Wizo Haifa Academic School, they open Henika fashion house.


Henika By Yael Pick is a Wedding & Evening dresses brand of Elite Sewing by Yael’s design.

Yael built the collection with the best fabrics there is- Lace, Tissue, Bead, Rye, Silk, Textile and many more. She made corsets, decoration and textile by her own hands with an endless patience and deep thinking. 


Yael in her elegant way has a Unique and innovative design line with emphasis of feminine and flattered figures.

There is special days in the studio which we present items that Hedva import from European Capitals. Elite European fashion items that we chose very carefully.

For details feel free to contact us. or visit us in our Facebook page.

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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Contact Me!

Moshav Bait Shearim


To coordinate a meeting please call:

Yael: 972-54-3535255 , Yael@henika.co.il

Hedva: 972-54-4877616 , Hedva@henika.co.il

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Israeli elite wedding dress sewing by The talented fashion designer Yael Pick ​who specify in wedding and Evening dresses design.

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